Mission & Vision (Thorncrest Minor Hockey League)

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Our Mission 

To bring to the community a quality hockey experience that positively impacts the lives of the participants and especially serves to deliver outstanding value to the children, parents/guardians, and families

Our Vision

To be Ontario’s best Hockey Association. For us, being the 'best' means developing our players at both the House League and Select levels, through providing value and quality engagements that really make a difference in the participants and families lives and encourage and promote participation through fair play: 

* Leading through player development at all levels
* Making quality, integrity and excellence the hallmarks of the Association and its members
* Attracting developing and motivating the best people to serve as volunteers
* Continually growing and improving our Association to reflect the community of Markham
* Uphold the philosophical ideals and the rules and regulations set out by the Ontario Hockey Federation (OFA), Hockey Canada (HC) and The Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL)

Our Values

Quality We are committed to excellence - in the results we achieve and in how we achieve them. 
Integrity We do what is right for the children, our families, spectators, volunteers, officials, community, and ourselves as members.
Respect for People We promote a diverse culture and an environment of inclusion and mutual respect for the children, our family’s, spectators, volunteers, officials, community, and ourselves as members.
Leadership We value people at every level who lead by example, take pride in what they do, and inspire others.
Collaboration We value teamwork – working together to achieve common goals is the foundation of our success.
The TMHL and all participants, parents and guardians do agree to represent and promote the Values of the organization as the foundation for fair play, truth and what’s beneficial to the children in our organization.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the Association shall be:

To promote, encourage, govern, organize, coordinate and develop Thorncrest Hockey programs for all ages up
To protect and serve the mutual interests of ALL Thorncrest Hockey members
To encourage a strong sense of community pride and participation in the Thorncrest Minor Hockey League
To carry out fair competition and strive to achieve the highest level of success, where appropriate

Our Goals

The Goals of the Association are as follows:

To encourage and promote certain ideals in all participants: to play fairly under all circumstances and all conditions to give opponents a fair chance and not take unfair advantage of any opponent to win modestly and receive defeat with a smile to give credit to the team that wins not to question or dispute the referee's decision.

No child is left behind
No one person is valued more than the other